26 th EurOMA Conference

Operations adding value to society

17th - 19th June 2019, Helsinki, Finland





Information on the most recent status of the conference programme will be updated to http://euroma2019.org/programme/


Invitation letters  

We are in the process of drafting invitation letters for those who need them for Visa-purposes. We do not generate them for other purposes. The process of generating the letters is time consuming.  In case you have indicated a need for one in your registration process, you will get yours in due time. You can check your need for a visa HERE.



Some of you need an invoice to get funding for your attendance. We have taken note on all these needs and will start generating them soon. We regret any inconvenience caused by the delay.


Registration fee reimbursements

Some of you have paid the wrong amount at registration. In case you have indicated a need for any reimbursement, please be patient. We will start working on them as soon as the more pressing needs have been taken care of.